Woodstock is an International Baccalaureate World School!  
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Woodstock is an International Baccalaureate World School!  

Woodstock is an International Baccalaureate World School!  

We’re delighted to announce that Woodstock is now officially an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, with full authorisation for both the IB 中年 Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP). The Class of 2021 will be the first Woodstock students to graduate with both an American High School Diploma and the 国际学士学位证书.

Woodstock joins a growing movement of more than 5,000 schools in 156 countries that offer at least one of the IB programme, 包括近1个,在亚太地区有000家.

“We’re absolutely delighted to receive full authorisation from the IB,Ethan Van Drunen说, 副校长. “The IB’s philosophy is perfectly alighted with Woodstock’s own. It encourages students to think independently and drive their own learning, 培养他们的文化意识, 并成长为全球公民, equipped to engage with people in an increasingly globalised, 快速变化的世界.”

在伍德斯托克音乐节的认证报告中, the IB noted a number of areas deserving of special commendation. These included embedding international mindedness and the IB学习者简介 throughout the school and our diverse stakeholder groups, and our commitment to developing an inclusive learning environment. The wide variety of subjects offered at DP level and the importance on language learning, 包括母语, 是赞扬. The 想象力中心 was described as “CFI a very unique initiative of the school and worthy of commendation”, and the library as “a hub for students and teachers to collaborate, work independently and access diverse resources”. They also stated that “the school places considerable emphasis on creating an environment to support human commonality, 多元化,欢迎多元视角”.

There has been a huge amount of effort to receive this endorsement from the IB, and both staff and students alike have played a crucial part in our receiving accreditation. As the 2019-2020 academic year draws to an end, this welcome news puts us in good stead for the future.

  • J.k.gilotra
    11月18日19:35发布 回复

    我儿子在8班.. 当我能让他住进你的旅社时

  • 达拉Ram
    于2月12日10时19分张贴 回复

    क्या वुडस्टॉक में एडमिशन 1क्लास से हो जाता है

    • 将弗格森
      已于二月十四日十时张贴 回复

      Students can join Woodstock from Grade 6, or around 11 years old.

  • Manasvi沙玛
    张贴于6月20日16时48分 回复

    伍德斯托克有IGCSE吗? A级和AS级

    • 将弗格森
      张贴于7月1日11时30分 回复

      嗨,Manasvi,谢谢你的问题. No, as an International Baccalaureate school we offer the IB 中年 Programme and Diploma Programme, 相当于igcse和A-Levels考试.

  • remamta沙
    张贴于10月1日19:02 回复

    Hi I would like to have an insight on the admission process for the ibdp program starting 2021

  • Aqsha拉赫曼
    发布于12月10日11时01分 回复

    Are students given the right to choose their stream in class 9 ?

  • 尼迪
    张贴于12月20日17时47分 回复


    I want to apply as a Faculty in German Language in 伍德斯托克学院. 德语是作为一门学科来教的吗?

    • 将弗格森
      12月31日12:31发布 回复


      German is not one of the key additional languages taught at Woodstock, 都是法语, 西班牙语, 印地语和韩语. You can find out more about working at Woodstock and our current vacancies here: http://leadershipandservice.patrickcoelho.com/careers/


  • 可朋友
    1月23日18时09分张贴 回复

    Hi. 你们学校会招收12年级学生吗 & 01/01/2023 10(第二学期)

    • 将弗格森
      张贴于2月4日10时04分 回复

      你好,谢谢你的留言. Some students do join us in the Spring Semester, but the majority start in August. It would be very unusual for a Grade 12 student to join in January, 因为他们只剩下几个月的时间了. A lot depends on whether they are already studying the IB 课程, as if their existing course selection is compatible with the courses we offer. 离2023年还有很长的路要走. They best thing to do is email our 招生 team at admissions@woodstock.ac.in 谁能和你讨论这些选择.

  • Anjali特瓦芮
    张贴于3月15日17时39分 回复

    Hi! Wanted to know about the primary 课程 at Woodstock.

    • 将弗格森
      张贴于3月28日12时43分 回复

      谢谢你的询价. The primary programme at Woodstock is only for staff children. 寄宿学校从六年级开始.

  • Ruchika
    张贴于四月六日23:03 回复

    嘿 !
    如果我的孩子想给啃老族考试, will she be eligible to sit for the exams without losing a year ?

    • 将弗格森
      张贴于4月9日14:34 回复

      谢谢你的留言. 这在理论上是可能的, 但是会很有挑战性, and most students opt to take a year to prepare for the NEET exams following their IBDP.

  • Meenu帕瓦尔
    张贴于4月28日12时38分 回复

    早上好. 来自肯尼亚的问候 . I’m interested in applying for grade 9 for my daughter . Just want to know if there’s any possibility of school starting in physical space this aug ?? I would prefer if it is online this year because of the current situation not in physical space . 一定要让我知道 ..


  • 穆克什Katira
    张贴于5月9日12:56 回复

    Loking for a teaching job for teaching secondary mathematics. 收不到你的邮件

  • Ekaraj
    张贴于6月26日21:45 回复


  • pradeep
    张贴于10月2日10时10分 回复

    Are students given the right to choose their stream in class 9 ?

    • 将弗格森
      张贴于11月22日15时15分 回复

      Students can choose some subjects within the MYP framework, although some subjects are required by all students.

  • Mohamed Rabea fathi
    张贴于10月17日21:45 回复

    Hello I’m Mohamed Rabea fathi hamed iam from in Egypt i want enterBACCALAUREATE and I want scholarship what I do